Books. And I have seen many of those objects throughout my travels here on planet earth. As it seems as if I have been seeing those usually square objects with pieces of paper in them that one can reads words on throughout the beginning of time, maybe. And though this post is not exactly about books, it does happen to be about a sale on ebooks for some reason or another on this blogging day. And so what else is there that I can say about a sale on ebooks that has not already been said in a sale on ebooks time. Well, video killed the radio star, and internet killed the book store, or something like that, I think. And in case you have been hiding out underneath one of those rocks or stuck in the stone age, you may have noticed people walking around with those computer tablet like e readers, some fancy devices that can download whole books from the internet for one to read. And ebooks are in and seem to be all the rage these days and times. And I know ebooks have been all the rage these days and times because I have been reading some of those ebooks online every so often these days and times. And if you happen to be looking for that sale on ebooks, Frugal Dad has it. You can find coupon codes for Amazon, that great book and ebook seller in the internet sky as well coupons, digital deals and savings for watches, laptops, jewelry, cameras, movies, boots and more from stores such as Barnes and Noble, Walgreens, Kmart, Macy’s, Dell and more. And if it’s free, or even at a discount, then it’s for me, maybe. And Frugal Dad has some really internet interesting news to read at their website as well, as that “The Day the Internet Stood Still (Infographic)” article about the SOPA and PIPA internet protest that was and still seems to be in the news lately, is really internet interesting to read and that article also has one of those graphics that one can put on their website with images for that day the internet stood still. And so back to the topic of those ebooks again. If you happen to be looking for one of those ebooks, you can get a free ebook at their website for “7-Day Turnaround”. And now with the invention of all things internet, one can find those coupons online for those deals online without ever having to leave home, or at least without ever having to leave one of those computers with just a website visit away.
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