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A 2012 New Year

Hey again bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blagh. And a 2012 new year is here. And if you ask a Mayan, it’s 2012AD or, a doomsday end of the world long countdown for the Maya 2012 calendar that started on Winter Solstice December 21st. A time for change, the end of the world as we know it, or something like that. And 2012 is also here because all of those Jeff Stark New Years Eve nonsense nyc events says so. And 2012 is also here because that Nublu flyer that finds itself posted above and Malik Work’s New Year’s Eve @ The Lucky Basement facebook event invite also says so, as well as a host of other New Years Eve events and parties that find themselves in that city of New York and other places around the world. And if you happen to be in the neighborhood of that city of New York, some of those nonsense nyc events are as follows. And keep in mind, In 2013 I will watch 2012 and laugh. Have a great new year and beyond.

***** Also on NEW YEAR’S EVE *****

Rubulad Presents A Cheap and Dirty New Year’s Masquerade

In which you will wear a costume or mask and we will charge you only 20 beans no matter when you arrive. Some costuming items will be provided for the challenged.

Starring the Drunkard’s Wife, Friend Roulette, Hungry March Band, and Eye-Popping Puppet Burlesque by Laura McMillian. With your host Pierre Pressure, DJ dancing all night provided by $mall ¢hange, DJ Shakey, Tropic C, and Soundman Cody.

Plus free non-disgusting champagne bunny toast at midnight, Putrid Puppet Show by Pierre Pressure, greasy truck fun from the Night Market, Scuzzy Old Modern Dance Awareness Society, G. Scopitronic’s Sleazy Non-Stop Film Fest, Hot F***ing Tamales, gorgeous dancing girls, lowlife light circus extraordinaire by Norm Francoeur.

This is a party for scallywags and rapscallions only so leave your hi-falutin’ attitudes at home and bring your dancing shoes. We have a lot to be thankful for this year, so let’s celebrate. Door prizes for early birds.

117 11th Street between 2nd and 3rd avenues, Brooklyn
9p doors, 10p show; $20

***** Also on NEW YEAR’S EVE *****

Occupy 2012: Wall Street New Years Eve Celebration

What is your New Year’s Revolution? 2011 was an amazing awakening. Lets start 2012 off right. Come celebrate with thousands of other members of the 99 percent. At our park and in the streets as we make our special New Years Revolution together. Bring a drum. Bring your instrument.

In the two hours before, we will reclaim our park and the area around it. At the New Year, we will raise the 99 percent, and then after midnight the party goes mobile.

Bring: Noisemakers, air horns, drums, anything that is loud!
We come together in protest and celebration. For those locked up, we bring that celebration. May this simple night of noise-bringing carry momentum into a new year of open conflict with the state and capital.

Liberty Plaza Park
Broadway and Liberty, Manhattan
9p-9a Sunday; $free

***** Also on NEW YEAR’S EVE *****

New Year’s Eve Bike Ride and Outdoor Afterparty

Start the year off right: on your bike or skates. Come celebrate New Year’s Eve in the great outdoors. We’ll be riding up to Belvedere Castle in the middle of Central Park for the best (and free) New Year’s Eve dance party in town with fireworks. Dress festive: Don’t forget your noisemakers and party favors. Bring food and drink to share.

Meet at Washington Square Park, under the arch
5th Avenue and 8th Street, Manhattan
10p at Washington Square, or 11:45p at Belvedere Castle in Central Park; $free

***** Also on NEW YEAR’S EVE *****

Figment of Your Imaginations

This NYE, the great Electric Circus is coming to Brooklyn. Unicorn Meat, after a string of Manhattan club events, is fed up and running away to join the forbidden world of underground circus production.

Deeply hidden among Brooklyn’s corridors and alleyways, we bring you a sanctuary of art, light, performance, magic, music, and fire. Greet unicorns, behold trapeze performers, contemplate installation art, admire aerialists, witness three-eyed freaks, and have tea with oompa loompas and space aliens.

We need you to transform this 11,000 square foot warehouse into the greeeeatest show in Brooklyn. Music: Nigel Richards, Hobotech, Arrow Chrome, Joro Boro, Mun (featuring Adam Wein’s Flamingo Processing Center Experience), Skytree, Smoke, Max Mayfeild, Friar Tuck, Joy, Ajax, Pjoe, Mikey Likes It, Smilky Smooth, and Narkatta. Live Indian cultural music and down tempo in our comfy digital genie pillow lounge.

Circus performance set times: Rope Solo, Styramid Trio, Quetzalcoatl Ceremony, Cloud Solo, Silks Duo, Triangle Solo, Lyra Solo, Acro-Dance Trio, Contortion en Cloud, Trapeze Solo, Ballet Des Etoiles, Silks Solo, and Company Finale.

Electric Warehouse
1428 Fulton Street, Brooklyn
9p-8a; $25-45


Dreamtime is the moment we have been waiting for. It is when the past and the future converge in the now; the split second when we remember that all things are connected and anything is possible.

Two floors, 12 hours, in a 10,000 square foot antique wonderland. Featuring the hottest NYC and Touring DJs, live music acoustic and drumming, film screenings, interactive art, tribe fashion boutique, healers, art gallery, living art, organic food, yoga, workshops, installations, and community.

Future Antiquity (Meeker Flea Market)
75 Frost Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
7p-7a; $20-30
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