A Different Calendar Year Again

And it’s recycle this blog again in an attempt to maintain content for this blog and my other blog whenever blaghers block possible, as this is yet another one of those posts that found itself on this blog some time a while ago.

Hey Bloggers, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and those other holy days this time of year are here and according to that Gregorian calendar New Years Eve and New Years Day is just around the corner. I know because the calendar, the date on this computers clock, and all of those advertisings and listings in all of those newspapers says so. And with that New Years days usually comes what seems like a ton of New Years Day parties and celebrations to celebrate the ringing in and coming of the new year. And from what I recall, according to that Chinese New Year zodiac 12 year cycle calendar, it is also the year of the ox, I think. And its New Years Eve party time for another calendar year. And the admission prices of some of those New Years Eve events are usually priced well beyond my go to a party or an event budget sometimes to me and can be enough to have me just hiding out under a rock and going nowhere that day. And some of those New Years Events that are to be found in that City of New York are as follows:

Okay, there aren’t any events listed in this post as follows, as this is another one of those recycle this blog posts and those events that were of last year may or may not be this year also, though I am sure there are many holiday events to be found in holidayland this impending 2012 of a year. Happy Holidays.
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