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Occupy Wall Street Day 28

Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blog. And so instead of posting that Ode To Blogging poem that I sometimes find myself posting when that Google page rank update wants to send me in search of a fifth full time job with Wall Street as my occupation, I somehow find myself posting that on this blogging day finds itself Occupy Wall Street Day 28 for that event that has found itself in the headline news lately. And as far as I blagher know, tomorrow, October 15th is supposed to be Global Revolution or is it Global Change, International Day of Action Day. And there are so many events going on tomorrow and beyond as part of this Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Together movement, that it almost seems impossible to keep track of them all. And those photos and video that find themselves posted above, well they just seem to occupy wall street speak for themselves. And it seems to be all about occupy wall street worldwide and beyond. Oh, and by the way… seen on facebook – “We have entered the ninth and final Mayan wave/age towards unity consciousness. And it begins on 10/28. ” A time for change, an awakening. I am/we are the ninety nine percent. Occupy wall street worldwide. And some of those events to be found tomorrow and in the coming days are as follows:

The Occupation Party . you’re invited to the occupation party saturday, october 15, time square, nyc. and that design for that occupy wall street times square invitation Shepard Fairey rocks. o The Awake & Inspired,. This Saturday at 5pm we take: Times Square …with music, performance and a message that the people of this country – not the banks, not the corporations – hold the true ..


John Penly is planning to Occupy Tompkins Square Park tomorrow. And his facebook invite reads something like OCCUPY TOMPKINS SQUARE PARK / 24 HOURS / TOMPKINS SQUARE EVERYWHERE, Tomorrow at 12:00pm – Sunday at 12:00pm, TOMPKINS SQUARE PARK EAST 7TH ST. AND AVE. A LOWER EAST SIDE NEW YORK CITY.

and then there’s

that Occupy Wall Street page itself with a seemingly ton of posts amongst them being:

October 15th Global Day Of Action. Hi, we write you from the International Commission of Sol, in Madrid (Spain). We know that you have a lot to do in the USA, as we have here in Spain, but the 15O is coming and we need you to make a milestone in history out of it. It’s the great chance we expected to start a real global revolution! This is what we are doing, and could be wonderful if you join us:

Please spread the web page of the call, the graphic material and the videos And please send us your videos, banners, posters to so that we can compile them and put them in common. Send all of this through your mailing lists, to all your contacts, but also to all your friends.

Explain to everybody that this is not just one mobilization. It’s more of “we are reinventing ourselves”. Tell the occupiers how the movement is popping all over the world that extend from the streets of the Middle East to Wall Street. Also tell the occupiers that over 650 cities have already confirmed they will do an event on October 15th . You can check in and if a city plans to do an event invite; tell them to add it to the map. Explain to them that 15O is the moment to wake up all of us together and especially tell them that it is in their hands to make it a success. It’s not any more about parties, organizations or unions. The call should come from all of the organizations and from the people of the world like you. There is a text that could be very useful to send this last message: “who are you?”

It would be great to tell your friends abroad to spread it through their countries. We need one revolution in each single city of the world.

For a further explanation about the mobilization and a more specific plan there is a document written by the international network takethesquare.

In order to promote and discuss the activities for October 15th, everyone is encouraged to participate and to organize local meetings to plan the details and discuss the preparation of the events for the 15th. There will also be a chat , an audio-chat (mumble: Download in Port:64738, see the tutorial in and a collaborative document pad open to everybody, so during the 48 hours people from all the world will be able of talking about the ideas and activities decided in their squares with every other occupation in the world! All the channels will be open for everybody…just participate!

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