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Occupy Wall Street Day 13

And in case you haven’t heard, that seemingly occupy everything worldwide of an event of Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Together are still happening. And as far as I blagher know, today is Occupy Wall Street Day 13. And I know those Occupy Wall Street events are still happening because a ton of different Occupy Wall Street events that find themselves posted all over facebook and beyond says so. And Occupy Wall Street reads something like “All day occupation (possibly longer) of Wall Street to oppose in numbers the corruption, financial treachery, oligarchy, and forced debts imposed on us by an irresponsible and unapproachable Wall Street (world financial center) sister protests may also take place in similar California Financial Centers if enough interest is shown. This is a peaceful protest and violence will not be tolerated.” and also like “The Occupation Has Begun. Join us at Zuccotti Park (Liberty St & Trinity Place) in NYC beginning on September 17, we want to see 20,000 people flood into lower Manhattan, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months. Once there, we shall incessantly repeat one simple demand in a plurality of voices”.
And then there’s Nedslist. And I am not exactly blogger sure what Nedslist is, though it seems to be a mailing list that wants to arrive in that email inbox every week or so. And so this weeks Nedslist reads something like:

[Nedslist] 09/28/11: Corrente: Ms ExPat: Don’t be afraid to say revolution!‏

Dr. Cornel West was at Zuccotti Park last night, and Ms. ExPat got video of it. Here’s her account, but follow the link to her blogpost to see the video.

Also recommended today: Ralph Nader’s article in Counterpunch on drones.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say Revolution!

Wed, 09/28/2011 – 1:55am — MsExPat

“Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will smile from the grave/ And say, we movin’ step by step/ Toward what he called a revolution/Don’t be afraid to say, Revolution!”

“Cornel West is here”, Milcho said, as we were wandering through Zuccotti Park at dusk. The sky was gray and it smelled like rain; people here and there were securing food, medicine, bedding, under plastic tarps. Milcho, Wendy and Amy and I came to Wall Street together tonight. I am corralling everyone I know to come to the Park to see this live and without filters. And you who are reading this, and can get here should come too, for this is history, friends!

We walked over to the meeting area, and sure enough, there was the unmistakable corona of hair, the too-long white shirtcuffs. We followed him up to the meeting area, sat down. And then watched as tonight’s General Assembly of Occupy Wall Street unfolded:

It’s late, and I’m too tired to write this well, but as the 11th night of Occupy Wall Street closes, I note a couple of new things:

1. Demographics: Changing, indeed. More diverse, different ages. Some union people, college professors doing teach-ins, old lefties having a look-see. Also: the front line of the media has officially landed. Yesterday it was Michael Moore, today Susan Sarandon. Matt Taibbi says he’s visiting tomorrow. Moore is coming back tomorrow to film the General Assembly with Laurence O’Donnell for his MSNBC show. I think O’Donnell is a jerk, but if they just sit back and film the process of the meeting, that would be a real breakthrough in changing the MSM narrative, I think. Right now, most of the people I talk to in my daily life still think OWS is a hippie fest.

2. Cops: Now there are two kinds of blue shirts on the scene–the regular patrol cops, and the (kinder, gentler) Community liason cops in royal blue polo shirts. No white shirts. When the community police are around, you know someone is worried about image. What this says to me is that the city’s decided that more violence would be really bad for optics.

3. The Organization–continues to dazzle! After West’s remarks, the meeting began with reports from Outreach Committees (they’ve teamed up with an important black radio station in Philadelphia for Occupy Philly, and they’re going to support the Verizon worker’s union strike), from the Medics who’ve started a counseling service, from techies who are doing Linux and open source teach-ins, and from the Laundry Committee, who’ve washed everything. They’ve even organized morning tours of Wall Street, which they’re offering free to passing tourists!

The most interesting report though was from the committee that’s drafting Demands. This is the big media sticking point (“But What Do They Want? There’s No Unified Message!”).

The group is going to use the next few days to talk about demands. And then here’s what they’ll do: on Friday, they will spread blank sheets of white paper all across the park. Some will have topic headings, some will be all blank. Magic markers will then be distributed, and everyone will write, in large letters, the issues and goals they think are most important. If you agree with someone’s poster, you can put a “Check”.

Fascinating! It is actually rather Chinese in technique. It reminds me of the student Big Character Posters that appeared in Tienanmen Square.

After the writing exercise, they’ll collect all the papers and collate them into a larger online manifesto, which can then be debated/modified/changed online in a Wikipedia-style collaboration.

4. Location, location location: It’s becoming clearer that the choice of New York City, as opposed to say, Washington DC, for the launch of this effort, was genius. For what it says is, of course, that this movement is not about the US government. The real enemy is the Financial-Bankster complex. I have not heard or seen any mention of any political candidate or party inside the Park. Forget “post-partisan”–that was so 2008. This is a post-party movement. It is what we Correntians have been waiting for–but not in the form we expected!

5. Obama is dead, dead, dead. Really. These young people were his eager troops. And they’ve moved on. Way on. The talk on the ground is not about elections anymore. It’s about transforming society.

That’s it for now. I urge all of you who can to come to Wall Street if you possibly can make it. This is one of those moments when time seems to hover and pause, and focus is laser-sharp. It’s a rare moment of collective creativity. Who could have guessed it would bloom now?

And those photos that are posted above, well they just seem to Occupy Wall Street speak for themselves. And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State? Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.
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