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An Evolvefest , Jibberjazz 2011

Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blog. And even in the midst of some weird wacky Babylon of a New York City and east coast earthquake, hurricaneageddon like weather that finds itself visiting that place in North America these days and times, I still find myself blaghing phrases like an Evolvefest 2011 is happening. And I know this seemingly end all of the be all consciousness and joy, new age hippie free love back to Woodstock lets save the world with yoga, meditation, chanting and more or something like that event is happening because all of those facebook event invites I have received for this festival says so. And one of those facebook event invites for this festival finds itself in Vernon, New Jersey located in what seems like right next door to that other festival that’s happening next week also that calls itself Jibberjazz Meeting Of The Minds IV. And I know that this Jibberjazz Meeting of the Minds IV music and camping festival is happening also because some friends who are playing there says so. And so it seems that one can camp out and evolve into nirvina at the Evolvefest in Vernon, New Jersey September 2nd-5th on Rickey Farm and then go right door seemingly a mile or so away I think when that festival ends and camp out for some more music at Jibberjazz in Poyntelle, Pennsylvania , September 9th-11th, or something like that again. And so those facebook event invites for these events are as follows. Have a great music festival and more day.

Evolvefest 2011

Friday, September 2 at 12:00pm – September 5 at 10:00pm

Rickey Farm

442 State Route 94

Vernon, NJ

Get ready-we are on the verge of something massive! Experience the JOY of Open Air Culture at the 5th annual Evolve Music and Yoga Festival- Sept. 2-3-4-5 2011 in Vernon NJ

Experience life-changing hands-on workshops! Activate your personal creativity! Learn to survive and thrive in Nature! Make do-it-yourself art, music, clothes, tools and foods. 50+ Bands! 25+ Yoga classe…s! 25+ Workshops! Enjoy 4 days of group camping, good vibes and happy people!


Tantric Yoga, Reiki Gong Attunements, Butterfly Tent, Crystal Bowl Healing, Live Painting, Sacred Altars, Kirtan Chanting, Meditation, Pranayama, Appalachian Trail Hiking, Glass-Blowing, Sacred Geometry, Body Painting, Sweat Lodge, Holistic Living, Kundalini Yoga, Fire Ceremonies, Water Blessing, and a whole lot more.

Come, Connect and be an Evolutionary Force for Positive Change- Form Friendships, Create Alliances, Build Bonds and Deep Spiritual Connections.

2011 Bands

The Heavy Pets – Telesma – HuDost – Tony Vacca World Rhythms – Juggling Suns – Turtle Soup – Lucid – FiKus – Capital Zen – Timbre Coup – The Folkadelics – BuzzUniverse – Laser Sex – Jounce – Igor’s Egg – The Jack – Michael Bellar’s As-Is Ensemble – Mystery Fyre – The Juicy Grapes – Rogue Chimp – Jungle Jazz Initiative – Subcommittee – Insignya – Karmic Juggernaut – Unexplained Bacon – MIXXTAPE – Elastic Pyramid – MeatPLanet – Josh Olmstead Band – Nick Gianni’s EVOLUTION – Unit 1 feat. Mark Egan – Technicolor Lenses – Rinse,Repeat – Big Funk – Wakah Chan – Greg Merrit’s Heavy Road – Breadbox Band – Anyday Cult – Rinse, Repeat – PSyncUs Project – Yancarlos Sanchez – Outlet – Mike Lawlor Banned – Damian Calcagne Band -The Flowdown – Jon of The Shred – Sunflower and the Seeds – Keitcho’s Peachos – Stephanie Carlin – Puck -Princess!WOW! – Peace Weaver – Gandalf Lebowski – Kids Music: Rolie Polie Guacamolie and art/deco by NephilNine.

And the other one…..

Jibberjazz Presents: MEETING OF THE MINDS IV (Music & Camping Festival)

Friday, September 9 at 12:00pm – September 11 at 5:00pm

Jibberjazz Presents:


September 9-11, 2011

Poyntelle, PA

… 21 Bands 3 Stages

Outdoor and Indoor Venue Features: 70 acre lake, rentable cabins, swimming, fishing, canoeing etc




(Original ULU: First festival appearance in 7 years)

Sol Driven Train,Juggling Suns,The New Familiars,The Mantras,The Big Dirty,The Twin Cats,Garcia Grass,Roosevelt Dime,Backwoods Experiment,Woody Brown’s Project,Mystery Fyre,The Pluckin’ Grassholes,The Lobster Quadrille,The Big Takeover,Lovanova, Shelf Life String Band,Boxcar Social,Doug Smith’s Dixieland All-Stars,Underground Horns, Nick Miller Project, Mike Miz, Anthony Walker, Kyle Morgan, Erik from Baltimore


A 500+acre, private campground featuring: a 70 acre lake complete with canoes and kayaks for use, rentable rustic cabins, Outdoor & Indoor stages, PLENTY of room for camping, swimming, hiking trails, fishing waters, tennis & basketball courts, restrooms, showers etc. This is the absolute perfect venue and location for a Jibberjazz music festival!


A full weekend music & camping festival showcasing 21 bands, 3 stages, lake activities, simultaneous late-night indoor/outdoor jams, numerous solo-artists, kids activities, light shows, yoga, fire performances, parades, food & craft vendors, various workshops and more. As always, a wide variety of musical styles will be featured including: Jam, Funk, Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, Rock & Roll, Reggae, Americana and more.

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