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And since on this day seems to find itself another one of those bloggerless blog your way to the bank get rich internet quick days that wants to send me in search of a fifth full time job, I find myself blogging about random thoughts. Well, at least thoughts that piled up in that blogger thought notebook that wants to find themselves on this blog at some point in time or another with topics, words and phrases like “Money Racket, the racket full of ticket for those cars money. Have those polizei of that city of New York always driven around in those yellow cabs giving out tickets to those drivers for the reason of simply having a car on the road to be ticketed?”, and “What’s up with that Orwellian big brother brainwash you every five seconds you are sitting on one of those NYC MTA subway cars held hostage to listen to those “If you see something, say something and ladies and gentlemen beware of pickpocketers” messages. And who exactly are the people terrorizing people here?” and “Is this a bus or a cash machine? One of those Metro New York newspaper articles having something to do with fare evasion and yet another city parking ticket like racket full of money scheme where riders of those M15, 1st Avenue New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority buses get parking tickets simply for riding the bus without a ticket or something like that”. And to put it simply, “Fluoride makes you dumb. What’s up with that fluoride in all of North Americas drinking water that was first used by the Nazis in concentration camps to make people docile and slow to realize things, the preferred poison of poisoners”. And “For what reason does the word serpent have the word sperm in it, or something like that”. And “What’s up with all of this weird wacky weather these days, tornadoes, earthquakes, birds falling out of the sky to where every other day here on planet earth some apocalyptic scene from the movies The Day After Tomorrow and 2012 seem as if they want to occur. Is it global warming or global cooling?” and “For what reason did I write the words Notropics, Wand of Horus, Iboga, Vine of the Soul, serpent grain down in this notebook?” and “Youth model shot gun, designed for kids. Do not have to register. Unregistered shot gun designed for hurting. Law makers let eleven year olds own shot guns in Pennsylvania.” Hugh? And guns are the worst invention ever. If only guns could be abolished from every human being on planet earth. And “Kali Yuga, where is the world headed with its morals and values”. And “What happened to all of the Salvation Armies around town to buy those cheap clothes? They all seem to have disappeared and fallen one by one to victims of gentrification and replaced with some sort of shi shi coffee house boutique or something like that”. And yet one long more, “Where does the money go in that game of monopoly to where the bank seems as if it wants to own and profit from everything and everyone on planet earth? The bailout of the bailouts in that mortgage meltdown recession impending depression reflected all over the world. So many money corruption scandals in the headline news it’s hard to keep track of them. The poor seem to get poorer and the rich seem to get richer, or something like that”. And I have heard it said that power and authority breeds corruption and the love of money is the root of all evil. Have a great blogging and more day.
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