And for the reason that I have been reading about that state of Cairo, Egypt, the Middle East and its unrest in the news a lot lately these past few days, those thoughts of Israel becoming a nation, foreign policy, that seven year peace treaty deal with Israel and that seven year tribulation thing comes to mind. And so I thought to post this “Birds” post again that I posted on this blog sometime a while ago.

Hey again bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. So what’s up with all of those birds that have been falling from the sky and fish that have been dying in the sea by the thousands in Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, China, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Australia, UK, Haiti, Wales, Arizona, Texas, Turkey, California, Tennessee, Romania, Maryland, South Carolina, South Dakota, Chicago, New York, Colorado, Ohio, Missouri, California, Kansas, Alabama, the Caspian Sea, the Amazon, and Florida in the past few days according to those headline news of the day. Though this list of places seems to be updating itself daily for some reason or another.

And now what’s up with Egypt. And then those fanaticism thoughts and theories seem to come to mind. Is it the fireworks, the weather, the water, Nostradamus and his Armageddon, apocalyptic and end of the world and time doomsday revelation predictions? Is there some prophet to explain this in prophecy? Does Wikipedia, that internet bible dictionary have an entry for this dead bird, dead fish and Egypt scenario? Is it 2012 and the mayan calendar is ending yet or something? Is it that May 21, 2011 judgement day family radio rapture thing? Is it world war III yet? Is it that wormwood BP Gulf of Mexico Exxon oil spill again? Is it Novartis and that save no man that he may buy or sell except that he have that mark of the beast thing? And what’s that anyway? Is the antichrist here or on its way or something? Is it haarp microwaving the earth? And what’s that again? Is it CERN and the poles shifting? And what’s that all about? Is it chemtrails? What’s that? Is it hydrofracking drilling the earth? Is it super nova solar flares? And what are those yet again? Is it that Hopi prophecy? And what’s a hopi prophecy? Is it the stone age, church age, millennium age, kali yuga age or aquarius age or something? Is it that new world order thing? Is it that Damascus phase where Israel wants or gets their promised land back or something? And what’s that all about? Is it that milky way, center of the universe, planets being in some sort of trinity alignment, black hole, big bang theory thing? And what’s that trinity triangle anyway? The head of Christ or the mark of the beast, or neither? And will every eye see it? Is it that printing of an endless dollar, inflation and a world economy? Is it the order of a new world? And what’s that? Is it that Israel becoming a nation, tribulation and rapture thing? Could it be a united Arab nation? Will pharaoh let his people go? And what’s that seven year peace treaty in Israel deal that was signed in 2010 all about anyway?

And would any of this Egypt or bird stuff be happening if Abraham’s wife didn’t banish Hagar and Ishmael to the desert to die? And did that December 21, 2010 lunar eclipse do something when the crescent moon turned red or something? Is solar radiation on its way to planet earth and its magnetosphere? Is it planet X Nibiru or comet Elenin on the horizon or something? Is Babylon on fire or something? Is it the ufo’s flying around Temple Mount, dome of the rock? And does anyone know what that’s all about. And is Russia, Georgia and that gog and magog thing in this somewhere? And what’s that all about? Is it that mahdi messiah thing. And what’s that? Is it an east west, north south thing? Is it global warming or global cooling? Have the north and south poles shifted yet? And are the birds flying north instead of south in those changing magnetic fields these days and times? Is this the canary in the coal mine aflockalypse and fishapocalypse? Is this a scene on earth from one of those Hitchcock movies? Are the bees still disappearing? And what are the bats doing? Is it technology information overload in a world interconnected via internet? And what about those cows, seals, octopuses, whales, dolphins, the mammals, that are dying in Wisconsin, Vietnam, India, New Zealand, Portugal and maybe other places?

Are these normal and natural occurrences? Is there some some sort of guru to answer this question? What’s up with that? And a third of the sea became blood. If you believe.
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8 thoughts on “Egypt

  1. Anonymous says:

    a lot of answers waiting to be found don't worry your not alone in wondering about these incidents. But it's just the way the world works alot of things happen constanly that arent explained or can't really be explained.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where is your faith little one?. The Holy Spirit is a great source of confirmation if you have a doubt about what God's word tells us about what has to come to pass.

  3. Anonymous says:

    it's very appropriate, good writing style, we do all wonder what's happening…no one has answers but things are moving very fast. Israel…Palestine.. a biggie..needs to be resolved, will play major role, US needs to drop Zionist Israel or we may all get dragged into it,
    Anyways, good write up congrats 🙂

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