Random Thoughts

And for some reason I thought to post a photo of that Mayan calendar in this blog post even though it seems to have nothing to do with this blog post. And in between listening to those latest news headline news of the day, I find myself attempting to blah blog those blagher thoughts that have found themselves accumulating in this bloggerlog that I keep thinking I am going to blog one day in that attempt to maintain content for this blog whenever possible. And so this is that attempt to get rid of some of those scribbled papers with some those blogger thoughts with those topics and comments of:

“Digital death, computer errors kill a person via social security number.” “Parents get paid for ritalin prescriptions for their kids in school.” Hugh?, Psychiatry Kills. Abolish forced involuntary psych cia trick treatment. “Fluorescent light bulbs are mandatory in Canada and incandescent light bulbs are outlawed. “Hugh again? And aren’t those fluorescent lite bulbs Lucifer giving off radiation or something? “Earth has the word death in it.” “New York, that city of sin, I think. Where if you stand still in the middle of the sidewalk you can get run over by the highway of humanity running by and if you stand still in the subway, same thing. “People use embalming fluid for drugs?”, “The Murder Channel, and I think there really is a television program channel called the murder channel, seems as if it can create murders and murderous environments in households across america”. And what has happened to the morals and values of society to where a network can name itself the murder channel. “Security guards in Shoprite in some of those cities in North America stand around with guns? In a supermarket? What’s up with that? “The age of Aquarius, television, vision of evil, life, live, vile” Not sure for what reason I scribbled that random thought down. “R.O.T.C. teaches one to learn to play with guns and rifles in school while wearing one of those green army with badges all over them like uniforms. And what does R.O.T.C. stand for anyway? Oh, according to the internet, Reserve Officer Training Corps, who can have one standing at attention so much while holding one of those rifles unknowingly, that one could pass out. And guns are the worst invention ever. “Kids are taking sex ed classes in 4th grade at ages 14, 11 and even 9 which seems too young and at earlier ages than ever to learn about sex. Overheard that one on a bus. “$1.60 for a cup of hot water at McDonalds?”. How much has inflation risen? And someone was actually charged one dollar and sixty cents for a cup of hot water at McDonalds. They seem to be charging for that hot water as if it is a cup of coffee or something. What’s that all about? I think the cold water there is free though. And what do those two yellow and red arches mean for McDonald’s anyway, anything? “It seems as if people in transit in cars are all staring at cell phones or those blue light gps like telescreens with numbers and letters on them as if in a trance or something. “It seems as if every other commercial on television is a diabetes of diabetes tester commercial advertising those products for diabetes as if they should be fashionable to wear or use or something”. And for what reason does the word diabetes sound like diablo, the devil in Spanish, I think. “Did that oil and gas company BP buy all of the gas stations across that country of North America or something?”. As it seems as if every one of those independent mom and pop gas station shops have all now turned into British Petroleum gas stations. A BP yellow and green seemingly wormwood Nation. “No firearms or other weapons allowed on this property”. Where is one at and what does it mean when one encounters this sign posted on some building somewhere? And guns are the worst invention ever. If only guns could be banished from every human being on planet earth. “Change the law for probation, one year of probation is given for probation equals one year in jail if one day of probation is missed. Or something like that. Is that one of those Rockefeller laws? And what’s a Rockefeller law anyway? In anarchy the rules are there are no rules, I think. And when justice ends tyranny begins. “What’s a Mason Dixon line?”. “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”. Overheard someone say. “Can I travel without a wallet?”. That’s an interesting question to me. And I overheard someone say that one also. For what reason to bail out the auto industry, as if the world needs another car. And for what reason did I write that one down? “Beware of your surroundings, report suspicious behavior to NJ police”. And for some reason this prerecorded seemingly to torture one throughout their whole ride of going ones way reminds me of those big brother “If you see something, say something” seemingly terrorizing its riders in their ears while going their way with seemingly non stop messages throughout their system. And for what reason does that NYC MTA seemingly flood its system with more nypd transit bureau officers than subway riders. If only those bus and transit fares were free. And for what reason again are those machine gun wielding polizei department of New York polizei standing around in that Port Authority Bus Terminal to be found in that city of New York brandishing guns that look like they weigh a million pounds as if awaiting world war three. And then one is supposed to walk by this scenario , keep moving and maybe pretend not to notice a scene reminiscent of a war zone or something. And again, guns are the worst invention ever. If only guns could be banished from every human being on planet earth. “Is there a switch to turn off the world wide web?”. And what would life be like if that world wide web did not exist anymore. Would the world be able to function without that web these days and times?”. “For what reason is the bar b que summer aisle located right next to the Christmas aisle in the store?”. For what reason are Christmas movies on television in the month of September? For what reason is that maybe an advertising, marketing and shopping calendar skipping Thanksgiving and Halloween and speeding up the holidays to where they all run into each other. “Gossip”. What does that word mean? Idle talk, secrets, rumors, gossip tabloids, celebrity gossip fodder. TMZ, Enquirer, soap opera and the page sixes of the world. I heard it said that and so on and so on and so on. Is it true? No one is free when others are oppressed. And so there seems to be one of those long, winding, random thoughts blaghed on this day. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?
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