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An NYC Village Halloween Parade

Oh boy, it’s that time of year again that has found itself around again according to that Gregorian calendar on the wall. The end of summer and the beginning of the holy holiday season. And with that holy holiday season finds itself Halloween, All Saints Day, All Hallows Eve, The Day of the Dead,when the dead rise, a great excuse to dress however one wants and not care about it, or whatever one would want to call that scary, spooky, astrological, mystical, occult, witchcraft of a day. If only every day could be Halloween, maybe. And so with that holiday holidaying day seems to come a slew of Halloween events and parties and beyond to go along with it. And I have found myself blah blaghing about that holiday on this blog before in times past. And so some of those events to be found in that city of New York in this year of 2010 A.D. are as follows:

And so that NYC Village Halloween Parade is happening again this year. That seemingly end all to be all of parades to be found in that city of New York with seemingly a bazillion puppets, marching bands, dancers, performers and more. And all, or at least a lot of people, dressed up in those costumes Halloween style. And according to that Village Halloween Parade website, some of this years bands and performers include
Approaching Storm Marching Band, Aztec Marching Band, Baritone Army, Big Nazo, Bizango, Bloco Quimbombo, Caporales de San Simon, Central Park Dance Skaters Association,Chinatown Community Young Lions, Chinelos, Columbia University Marching Band, Dja Ra Ra, EnJ Productions, Escola de Samba BOOM, Extraordinary Rendition Band, Geday Brigade, Giglio Band, Golden Knights Drill Team, Gowanus Wildcats Drill Team, Higher Levin Steel Orchestra,Hungry March Band , Kalunga/Rasin San Bout , Lakou Band, Lubolos Macu, Madagascar Institute, Manhattan Samba, Maracatu New York, Mommy? (+ Klaus Nomi Army),New York Music in Motion Drum and Dance Corps, On the Lam Band, Princeton University Marching Band, Puppeteer’s Cooperative, PURE NYC, Radoes Steel Orchestra, Red Hook Ramblers, Samba New York!, Sugartone Brass Band, The Drunkard’s Wife, Top Hat Marching Orchestra, Tropical Pan Vibe – J’Ouvert, Underground Horns, Xtreme Kre8tionz ColorGuard & DrumLine, Zobop Rara and more.

And then there is also the Theater for the New City Village Halloween Costume Ball. And hey, didn’t that theater start or help found that NYC Village Halloween Parade years and decades ago somehow, I thought I heard someone say?

And then according to those emails, there’s also The Danger List, Your Halloween Weekend with:
You are invited to:
Within the Land of Ash : Saturday, October 30th
Details: and
The Horror Show
Details: horror.

And this blah blaghers list is not even including those Jeff Stark nonsensenyc weekly events lists, or those millions of facebook event invites one can receive each day, or those Time Out New York Magazine events one can read.
And the halloween party event list is endless, maybe. And these Halloween events rock. Have a great Halloween day, night and more day.
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