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A HONK! Festival 2010 Van Ride

And so it could have been a scene straight out out National Lampoon’s Vacation, that funny travel vacation movie that maybe isn’t so funny when it finds itself in real life, as I found myself with The Himalayas, that marching band group marching its way to the HONK! Festival 2010, that fifth annual festival of activist street bands that converged in Harvard and Davis Square in Somerville and Cambridge, Massachusetts, near Boston on October 8-10, 2010 the other day. And so again I found myself with the Himalayas at one of those All Car Rent A Car Brooklyn Car Rental places somewhere in the middle of Brooklyn to be found in that city of New York that is to be found in that country of America that is to be found in this world somewhere, waiting to take that rent a van to the HONK! Festival. And so I found myself waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting and waiting, and waiting, at that rent a van place that took an hour to open that took another hour for that van to be cleaned out, that took all of that rent a van payers money to fill up that empty tank of gas it came with that gave no discount or acknowledgement of the inconvenience of leaving two hours later than planned. And I guess it’s a good thing there were no planes to catch and only a gig to possibly miss from that rent a van that had some of those door latches missing and one of its wheels misaligned to where it became a shaking vibrationmobile whenever its wheels went over 60 miles per hour giving one images of ones life flashing before their very eyes the whole trip there and back, maybe. And I heard it said all because some other NYC car rental place was overbooked for the holidays. And so back to that Honk festival. And some of this years marching bands from around the country included AfroBrazil, AMP Radical Marching Band, Bahamas Junkanoo Jumpers, Barrage Band Orchestra, Black Bear Combo, Brass Liberation Orchestra, Bread and Puppet Circus Band, Detroit Party Marching Band, Dirty Water Brass Band, DJA-Rara, Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band, Environmental Encroachment, Expandable Brass Band, Extraordinary Rendition Band, Factory Seconds, Himalayas, Leftist Marching Band, Minor Mishap Marching Band, Rude Mechanical Orchestra, Second Line Social Aid & Pleasure Society Brass Band, Seed and Feed Marching Abominables, Springville All Star Marching Band, Veveritse, and What Cheer? Brigade and more. And that Honk Festival with the Himalayas and more rocked as in that YouTube video above. Have a great HONK Festival day.
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One thought on “A HONK! Festival 2010 Van Ride

  1. Anonymous says:

    Next time you should try Vanstand Mostly a Man With a Van outfit in NYC Brooklyn ETC, but I know they are musician friendly and give reasonable rates to traveling music types.

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