An Energy Efficient Light Bulb

Okay, and so I think I could be encountering that blah bloggers block again on this day to where I find myself wondering what to blah blog about simply for the purpose of attempting to maintain content for this blog whenever possible in my blogaholicness. And so I seem to find myself in one of those post a YouTube video to your website modes again, as I think I posted one of those youtube videos on this blog just a few days ago in this web 2.0 social media user generated content era. And so, this video arised as a result of my facebookaholicness and coming across someones facebook post with a youtube video titled “Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Are Poisoning Us”. And so the title of that video seemed interesting as I have always wondered what that recent government sponsored go green it’s the new thing with the new energy efficient light bulb that seems really scary to me for some reason campaign was all about. And those spiraling around in all kinds of circles light bulbs seem as unenvironmentally friendly to me as it can get for some reason or another. And a friend I was talking with the other day said that those spiral looking fluorescent lights are actually becoming mandatory in Canada, hugh?, or something scary again like that. And I have never been a fan of fluorescent lights anyway as I think of them as the devil, evil, luciferflouresce, is that how you spell it?, stealing light from heaven or something like that, the bearer of light and biggest deceiver of mankind. As that institutional lighting seems to be found everywhere is the ceilings of institutions and beyond here on planet earth these days and times. And it’s a lighting that seems as oppressive as ever to me for some reason, and no one is free when others are oppressed. And whatever happened to those good old fashioned incandescent lights anyway. They’re still around aren’t they? And so that YouTube video above with the words Dirty Electricity written, or typed in it, seems to be another one of those videos that wants to speak for itself. And what if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State.
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