The News

Hey again bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. And here on this day I find myself encountering that blah bloggers block again wondering what to blagh about for the sake of maintaining content for this blog whenever possible. And how do those other bloggers out there in bloggerland maintain those blogs with content all the time. Is there some sort of internet guru for that. And so I find myself blogging about some of those news headlines in that stack of local newspaper articles that I have come across in my travels here on planet earth before me that one day I thought I may have made some kind of commentary on and blaghed about. And so there is the headline with one or two sentences of some blah blog commentary as follows. “We’re not even close to Christmas”, some article about all of those stores having summer aisle displays right next to Christmas aisle displays. Whatever happened to the holidays in between that used to exist, has time sped up that fast in the past few years that the holidays all run together? And “Man loses leg in 8th Avenue crash”, unfortunately the driver was not even given a parking ticket and was left to go home as if no pedestrian was killed or injured as a result of cars on the mean streets on New York that are not bicycle friendly at all. It is a misfortune the roads are built for cars and not for people in that city of New York to where people can become endless roadkill for cars whose drivers are never penalized at all. Is another world possible? And “Woman cyclist killed by bus”, same as the previous article, another misfortune of mean streets of New York built for cars and not for people. Is another world possible again? And “MTA: terror strategy not going away”, some article about that Metropolitan Authority of Transit MTA flooding its rail system with even more polizei in the name of safety and security, so much that it seems as if the polizei now outnumber the passengers. Is another world possible again? “And Now That Bees Are Legal”, which I guess is an article having something to do with beekeepers being able to keep bees legal. And I have read that Albert Einstein has once said that once the bees disappear off the face of the earth, man has but four years left to live, or something like that. And so goes another news headlines day. Have a great news and more day.
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