Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper 360: The News that Defines Our Time

Thanks for the post from Nora Mccoy

Probably the benchmark of quality newscasting, Anderson Cooper 360 is one of the freshest takes on traditional television news on Direct TV in New York. The program revels in the character and personality of all of its anchors. Anderson is one of the most charismatic anchors in the industry, having a personality that bleeds through the screen and an insightful and often humorous signature candor. The stories, whether about current events or human interest, are always thoroughly researched and presented with care. The extensive coverage of the Hurricane Katrina was particularly touching and poignant. I have never seen news that touched an emotional zenith, especially on a major news network. Beyond the content, it’s easy to respond to the graphic design of the show, continuing the CNN network’s crisp, colorful and information packed style. The style of the show absolutely showcases a good HD television set with its powerful and innovative graphical sense, which I get to enjoy even more fully using my satellite television connection. I believe the show holds a weight and relevance that will be the definitive chronicle of our time. Anderson Cooper and his news team should feel proud of what they have accomplished and how they have advanced the television news medium.

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