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A Surreal Estate NYC Dance Party & Friday the 13th NYPD Affair

Hey Bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. And it is not so often every so often that I find myself blah blogging about polizei on this blagh, yet this is one of those posts where I find my self blaghing about the polizei in that neighborhood of Bushwick or is it Williamsburg, in that city of New York, to be found in that country of America. And so I found myself at this Surreal Estate 3D-13 Dimensional Dance Party & Friday the 13th Affair that I had blaghed about on this blog a few days before. And for some reason or another, this Surreal Estate 3D-13 Dimensional Dance Party & Friday the 13th Affair actually turned into a Surreal Estate NYC 3D-13 Dimensional Dance Party & Friday the 13th Affair, NYPD pepper spray, tear gas raid. And those photos that I posted above seem to speak for themselves. And that performance schedule on that day that I posted below seems to speak for itself. Have a great music and more day. And what if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State?

Dimensional Dance Party & Friday the 13th Affair
(Not for those with a Superstition Condition)

Friday, August 13th, 2011

Complimentary Sangria Served Before Midnight!
Free 3D Glasses!

Some may say, “Don’t go out on Friday the 13th!”,
Wear a Pair of 3D glasses and you’ll see things a different way…

Surreal Estate proudly presents an inventive evening of sonic seduction amongst the optically peculiar.
Enjoy perplexing perspectives, original outlooks, and focus yourself on fun.

We’ve arranged the ultimate in groovy, funky, deep, & dirty to hypnotize us head to feet…
A night for wriggling, waving, and misbehaving to irresistible tasty beats.

***Located in the Chill Underground***
The Hookah Lounge – Back by Popular Demand!
Dazzling UV Décor compliments of Ocular Delight
Mystifying VJ sets from digital eye candy master Levitation Theory

DJ Sets:
Sal P (of Liquid Liquid and Ectomorph)
“Truly Transcendent Futuristic Disco”

DJ Ivan Yamazaki (Dance Classics and Acid House)

The Russian (D.O.D. Crew, Worcester MA)
Liquid D&B Set

***Rowdy Rooftop***
Opt to become part of the spectacle with our body-painter’s glowing handywork!
Mesmerizing Fire & Dance by Victor (Psybotik, Dream Catchers) NYC

Underground Horns
“A cooking audio gumbo”
Funk, jazz, and hip hop mixed with brass band traditions,
and spiced with African and other world rhythms…
Music for the People!

DJ TV Party (Oldies & Doo Wop Dance Party)

Late Night Open Jam & Drum Circle
With special guest “Big Tasty” of Big Tasty’s Funk Party

***Third Floor 3D Lair***
The third floor of the Estate opens at midnight for an electrifying afterhours and psytrance rendezvous!
Sound Engineering provided by Industrial Bass & Boom (NYC)

KnoB (Full On Psy)
NYC psyheadz are no stranger to this wizard : )

Third Ear Syndrome (Puerto Rico/NYC)
Electronica/Psychedelic Electro

And More TBA!
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