Time, father time, if I could turn back the hands of time, time passes us by, those sticks that tell us what to do, to be twenty one forever, and a host of other thoughts and sayings there must be found to be said about the word time. And seemingly books, novels, films and movies have been written about this word time, as it is one of those things we will have with us always, the past, present and future. And then there are Howard Miller clocks, watches, time pieces, alarm clocks, grandfather clocks and lots of other devices that can tell us as human beings dwelling here on planet earth what time it is. And clocks seem as if they are one of those things and objects always to be found somewhere near, as in on this computer, on that wall or on that table. And from what I have seen throughout my travels here on planet earth, some of those grandfather clocks, grandmother clocks, wall clocks, atomic clocks, mantel clocks, cuckoo clocks, miniature clocks, alarm clocks, novelty clocks, world clocks and other kinds of clocks to be found in those stores are really cool to look at with their designs and colors. And that word time again, what is there to say about it that has not already been said in time.

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