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Hey Bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog, and if I can say, I somehow found myself in one of those web 2.0 user generated content MyFace, SpaceBook, FaceSpace, MyFaceSpacePlaceBook, I mean facebook facebookamania facabookaholic days on this day. This being the latest of my internetaholic addictions so much that I can forget what day of the day, week, month or year it is, maybe. And what was life like before the invention of these high tech everything social media cyberworld internetosphere days. And so I found myself replacing MyBlogLog, Craigslist, StumbleUpon, Diggs, YouTube, Twitter and MySpace with now yet another internet websiteaholicness, Facebook. And as usual, I found myself friending friends of friends of friends of friends in an attempt to Facebook myself into that web 2.0 social media world. And what else is there to be said about this latest facebookenomenon that has not already been said. Have a great social media day.

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