This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Technology. And everything, or just about everything in this world we live in these days and times seems to be about electronics and more electronics. And then welcome to the world of high tech technology where it seems as if everyone, or at least a lot of people are carrying around some sort of mobile high tech device gadget, fidgeting with it on the go. And then there is that photo of the SANYO Incognito that is posted in this blog post above. And from what I recall, Boost Mobile has one of those qwerty flip SANYO Incongitos. And with those SANYO Incognitos, you could be on your way to high tech communication city. Those SANYO Incognitos come with Bluetooth, a built in camera, camcorder, music and video player on them and you can also talk, text and surf the web on them. Now how about that for that Superman wrist watch technology of long lore ago. Who would of thought that one day this movie high tech superman technology could one day be a reality. And all this for a $50.00 a month unlimited plan with no contracts. No contracts with hidden fees and sky high numbers to be made up each month to pay, now that sounds awesome. With one of these phones, one can be on their way to social media city, as these phones seem to be all communications and more all the time.
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