The Web

The Web. The Internet. The domain name game. And sometimes it seems as if life here on planet earth could be all about the internet these technological web.2.0 user generated content days and times. And do you happen to have one of those websites, and if you do, then what’s your website all about. And what was life like before the invention of this recent information and knowledge phenomenon. And one could wonder how human life could even exist before the age of the internet where information can be shared at the speed of light. And then there’s web hosting to go along with all of this website and interneting. And I am not sure if it is possible to weave a web without one of those hosts to host all of those websites to be found in cyberworld. And so comes the task of having to shop around for that host for your website and beyond, as I imagine there could be many of those web hosting companies to choose from when it comes to looking for that website host. And when and if one finds that host for their website, welcome to the domain name game and the internet superhighway.

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