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A Downtown Brooklyn Holiday Welcome Center

Hey bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. And somehow I found myself in front of Modell’s at a Downtown Brooklyn Holiday Welcome Center today for some reason or another, in what seemed like the freezing cold of yet another New York City winter. And oh, I guess I found myself there to listen to that band Underground Horns that I sometimes find myself listening to every so often for some reason or another. And wow, the Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz was a guest speaker there also. And so I found myself there see the president. And see the president of Brooklyn and the Underground Horns play some audio gumbo I did. And I guess those downtown welcome centers that seemed to be sponsored by the The Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, The Court, Livingston, Schermerhorn Business Improvement District, Fulton Mall Improvement Association and MetroTech Business Improvement District in Brooklyn are to usher in the holiday shopping, shopping and more shopping season every Wednesday in December in that city of Brooklyn to be found in that City of New York, as I think that’s what the Brooklyn Borough President said in his speech today when he held up one of those Shop Downtown Brooklyn tote bags that encourage shoppers to support the local businesses this holiday season. And these Brooklyn Business Improvement District groups seems to have events, events and more events. And Julian Peterson and the Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice Music Ensemble were performing there at Hoyt Plaza throughout that Brooklyn Business Improvement District as part of this event on this day as well. And so in yet another attempt to drag the camera out of the closet, I posted a couple of those photos from that event in this blog posting above, and a YouTube video of that event as well. And those Downtown Brooklyn Holiday Welcome Centers shopping, music and events rock. Have a great Brooklyn, New York and beyond holiday.

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