Random Thoughts

Hey Bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog for some reason or another. And here lies yet another one of those posts where I find myself attempting to figure out what to blah blog about in order to post content on this blog whenever possible. Kind of like that blah bloggers block maybe. And so some of those random thoughts that I find scribbled on papers lying around that I wanted to get around to blaghing about were “Robot Nation”, the idea that everyone seems to have become on of those technology robots with the invention of all of those high tech gadgets floating around on the subways, trains and other modes of transportation where everyone seems to be fidgeting with at any given moment seemingly in a high tech robotic trance or daze. And “iPhones”, where everyone seems to be playing that Solitaire card game on the subway and maybe even on the computer at home as if in some sort of asolitaireadiction maybe, not sure. What’s that all about in the age on high tech, ten second attention span, gadget everything. And “Cops infiltrate Craigslist for stolen goods and anything over three thousand is a felony?”, So I heard someone say the other day. What’s that all about? And what is the origin of that word cop anyway? And then there was the thought “Homeowners insurance insures firearms.” Hugh? That one could be a whole another blog posting of ranting and raving for me, the idea that one can get paid for having a firearm in their home. Hugh again? And then yet another thought found scribbled down somewhere was “NYC MTA, that City of New York Transit Authority system that could also be known to me as the New York City Metropolitan Torture its passengers with transit officers everywhere Association, that seemingly faceless monster that seems to historically flood its system with more transit officers than passengers, arrests a musician for playing in the subway due to an open ticket for being on a bus somewhere. Hugh? What’s that all about? And how does this MTA compare to SEPTA, BART, and other transit systems throughout planet earth. If only all public transportation were free. No one is free when others are oppressed. And what if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State?

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