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Suzy’s Song

Hey Bloggers, Suzy Sellout has got a song. And it’s called Suzy Sellouts songs that can be found on her MySpace page and beyond. And I know Suzy Sellouts has got a song because that email I read from her says so. And if I can blah blog that if I had one of those chances to sellout for a song, I probably would want to be one of those sellouts also, maybe. And Suzy Sellout is in a band, and they are Kathrine Becker, Spencer Cohen, Dan Davine, Chris Wengert, Lindsay Haughton, Chris Bonner and Pete O’Connell. And if you happen to be looking to hear Suzy’s songs, you can find them on her sellout CD that rocks. And in other thoughts, what the heck are those glaring neon light blaring television screen like advertisements on the side of those city buses to be found in that city of New York that seems to have appeared out of nowhere that one can see from seemingly a mile away they are so blue hue light bright. Is this the MTA NYC Transit everything in that city of New York can be a walking, riding, going my way advertisement. Isn’t that a distraction for going ones way? And if the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority could plaster the sidewalks and the air with advertisements, they would probably do that too, maybe. Oh, they may already be doing that also. Have a great music, advertisement going ones way day.
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