Amy’s Qlog

Hey Bloggers, and I am not exactly sure what Amy’s Qlog is all about, though that word qlog sure sounds like blog. And what’s a blog anyway, is that some sort of a web log? And if you happen to find yourself as one of those blogaholics as I find myself sometimes, you should maybe know what blogging is by now in this web 2.0 user generated content social media era. And Amy Africa’s Qlog describes itself as 99% Queries and Quintessentials & 1% Quibblings. And if you happen to be wondering what those Queries, Quintessentials and Quibblings are, you can find them and all about them at And her website seems to be all Queried and Quibbled up when you visit it at And “Using Your Putter To Make The Green” and other topics on her Qlog are really interesting to read. And her topic category with topics like Email Marketing, SEO/SEM, Analytics and other advertising and marketing topics are really interesting to read and educational as well for the how to market my product and business internetosphere and beyond. And if you have any questions, you can ask Amy a question also. You can also sign up for Amy’s newsletter and sign up for 18 tips you can use to increase your web sales today. And if you happen to be looking for Amy’s Twitter feeds, you can follow her on Twitter in Twitterland also. And if you happen to be looking for Amy, you can find Amy Africa just a website visit away.


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