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Planet Earth

And there must be some sort of sky show going on this evening. I know because Yahoo, CNN , Google and National Geographic says so. As their headlines read something like “Watch planets shine tonight”, “Venus, Jupiter will shine on Monday night” “Smiling sky”, and “Frowning sky”. And the articles say that this Venus Jupiter thing has something to do with the crescent moon forming a tight triangle with Venus and Jupiter to look like a smiley face, or a frowny face. Whichever way you look at it. And the articles also say something else about it being a Venus, Jupiter conjunction show that will last for one night only. Whatever that may mean. And being that some articles are relating this planet conjunction to the star of bethlehem not seen last since 2 B.C in bible days, it has me wondering if Jesus is about to return to planet earth, if the anti christ is on his way, if some war, yet another war, is about to happen, or if some plague is about to have an outbreak or something, in my religious fanaticism thoughts. And I always find myself looking for signs in the sky, astrology, the planetary alignments, the stars and the moons for some reason. As sometimes those planets and stars seem as if they cold be a destiny and fate that controls the world, maybe. As isn’t that horoscope from those moons and stars ones personality traits. And speaking about, or writing about stars, moons and the skies, what’s up with that weather in that city of New York lately. Is it me, or does it feel like summer in the middle of winter. And I see people walking around town with no coats on, in November and now December. And so I went to go looking for some of those Global Warming articles, and sure enough places like Montana, any maybe somewhere else I am not sure of, are seeing summer in the middle of winter, to where the trees are still green, the grass is still green, little tiny insects and bugs, maybe mosquitoes are still flying around. Flowers are budding. All in the month of November and now December. Is this one of those record breaking weather patterns or something. And this all has me to wondering. So which season is it this month, summer, spring, fall or winter? Is this all a part of that climate change thing. Are greenhouse gases going out of control. Is it that 12/21/2012 on track thing or something. Are the polar bears floating on ice yet. The clock is ticking, whatever clock that may be. Mother nature seems unseasonably warm these days and times. Help save planet mother earth. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.
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