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Musical Fashion

And I am not sure what to call the title of this post as I blah blog away on this day, though I do know it has something to do with music and fashion that I would like to blah blog about in this post. And so what’s up with that Mary Poppins look that is on the streets these days when it comes to fashion with all of the clothing being either pleated, puffed, or Mary Poppined up in some sort of way. And those half sleeves that everyone is wearing everywhere on the streets that is to be found in clothing stores everywhere these days, I still can not comprehend as a fashion statement. And every era has its fashion trends I guess. And so that photo above with that trippy looking red color was taken by Sugarcane of East Village Pharmacy, and his cool amazingly high tech camera phone, is of Welf, Kevin, Joe, Kevin, Mike and Chris of Funk Monk, or Monk Funk as I have seen it listed on the Lucky Cat’s website, with their horns and drums performing at The Lucky Cat as part of their Brooklyn Experiments series. And that Lucky Cat restaurant, bar and lounge is doing the go green it’s the new thing thing, as they have vegetarian and vegan food and their delivery containers are made of biodegradable and or compostable materials. And their paper that covered that straw that came with that drink was an eco product made from corn and 100% compostable. And they are helping to save planet mother earth I guess. And they are located on that trendie indie rock scene street of Grand with all of its bars and clubs, in that trendy indie hipster rock scene neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn in that City of New York. And their venue rocks. And every decade of New York seems to have it’s era, at least when it comes to real estate. Have a great music and fashion day.
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