Halloween Time

Hey bloggers, okay, it’s barely almost that Halloween time of year again yet, as that day of the dead coming to life is still a few weeks away and already those parties, events and invites are starting to roll in. And that day can be the coolest day and night of year sometimes for some reason, as everyone can be who they really want to be, maybe. And this following event is a cool one for the Metropolis Apocalypse as follows:

Metropolis Apocalypse – L.E.S. Riot Era: Artists 1988-2008 will be held from October 9-October 31, Hallowe’en Night 2008 at Supreme Trading in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

Twenty years after the Tompkins Square Park Riots, which opened the eyes of the world to the class struggle taking place on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the public mind has somehow lost its sense of history. Where artists formerly reigned whose work literally assaulted the senses, New York has increasingly catered to the rich, and its artistic landscape has fallen prey to a culture of convention.

METROPOLIS APOCALYPSE (L. E. S. Riot Era Artists 1988-2008), in commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the Tompkins Square Park Riots, reflects the continuing struggle against gentrification spearheaded by a generation of artists and musicians on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, where today, many of the things Riot artists warned of have come to pass.

Metropolis Apocalypse is an ongoing series of shows, culminated by a night of multimedia and musical performances dedicated to Artstar and punk luminary Jackie Breyer P-Orridge, presented by Genesis P-Orridge of Psychic TV.

In the spirit of Squat Or Rot and the Beer Olympics, showcases held throughout this three week long event will span a generation of music as cutting edge.In assembling artists for this show, Johnny V called upon a generation of experience as both artist and curator, musician and promoter.

Artists included are: Ron English, Genisis P-Orridge (of Psychic TV), Kevin FA-Q, Renna Zimmer, Thom Corn, Dianne Bowen, Morrie Cramer, Tony Wells, Clayton Patterson, Michael Roman, Linus Coraggio, Toyo Tsuchiya (Rivington School), Shalom Neuman, Bob Barry, John John Jesse (Nausea), Lauren Utter,Victor Dominicis, Bob Griffith, AaRON Thompson (les nyc art), James Romberger, Margeuritte Van Cook, Crosby Romberger, Peter Missing, Rupi Wegener, Agni Zotis, PondScum (Marvel Comics), Victor Poison Tete (Rat At Rat R), Paulo Pelosini, Leah Tinari, Greg Blaylock, Chris Herbeck, Robert Fredrich, Chris Coffey, Paula Rossi, Ed Reicker (Fester), Glenn Cherney, Ned Lindsay, Dennis YI, AaRon Sinift, Mac MaGill, FLY, Seth Tobacman ,Stephen Blickenstaff, Dr. Zian Saxon, Lawrence Van Abbema, Pat Attak, Tim McVicker, Shawn McVicker, Chris Caggiano (Iconicide), JohnnyV, Tony Wells, John Nikolai, Jason Ryan, Aurora Nocturnal, Pat Moreta, Catlin Fennelly, Cheryl Smith, John Czop (Marvel Comics), Brett Kahler, Jeniferocity, M. Apparition, Paul Garrin, Julian (Snake Thrower), Jason Mitchell, Brian Trash, Eric AnderER, Rob Erhler, Rupert Picott, Stephen Ritterspoon, Elena DeRosa, Mo Browne, Lori Lamson, Martha Mcdonald, Tony Santana, Amy Toxic, Loren Marks, Surreal Hazard, Plus more special guests to be announced.



Happy impending All Hallows Eve.
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