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Hey bloggers, and yesterday must have been the equinox, that day of the year that has something to do with the seasons changing, the fall harvest and astrology or something. And I know yesterday must have been the equinox because an email from The Temple of Ara Mabon Celebration to honor the second harvest and the turning of the wheel that was to be found in that email inbox titled “Equinox Celebration in Central Park at 4:30 on Cherry Hill‏” said so. And what does that word equinox mean anyway. And I think that word equinox may mean equal night in another language or something, as I believe it has something to do with the day of the year where the amount of daylight hours are equal to the amount of night hours. That internet bible Wikipedia must have an entry for that word. And isn’t today the first official day of fall according to that Gregorian calendar, hence those fall winds and that latter half of the year approaching. And I thought to post that photo of that astrology guy above whose photo I have seen on the cover of that Secret Language of Birthdays book. And he seems as if he could be some magician passing to the other side, between life and death, heaven and earth or something. And that photo looks really cool. And the seasons are changing, and the times are changing. Have a great astrology, equinox, fall harvest day.

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