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A Blog Post

And after what seems like decades and centuries of blogging on this blog in that Internet web 2.0 social media user generated content era of technology and inventions, I find myself encountering what seems like blah blog bloggers writers block again as I ask myself, “What do I blah blog about today on this bloggers blog out there in the bloggersworld of a bazallion other blogs?” And sometimes it seems as if I could use one of those Internet gurus to help solve this debacle of finding and maintain content for this blog for some reason. And maybe I could consider hiring one of those Craigslist interns in the writers wanted section, or maybe I could ask a thousand other people to help me maintain this blog. Or maybe I could consult one of those online tutorials about “How to maintain your blog” somewhere out there in the internetland world. Is there a way to magically find content for this blog? And that seems like it could be one of those blogger guru internet questions to be answered to me. And what if I do not post on this blog again for blogger burnout or some other reason and it remains postless. And what’s the purpose or reason for having a blog again, I forget sometimes. And so I find myself posting one of these posts on this blog again on this day that really seems to be about blogging. Have a great blogging day.
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