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The Sustainability Project

And for some reason this blog seems as if it wants to be about events lately, because hey, it’s less writing sometimes, maybe. And on this day is that sabbath day of rest or is that Saturday? And I find myself blogging about events again. And somehow I wound up in that Lower East Side Loisada neighborhood that now seems to be called The East Village for real estate marketing purposes maybe, and found my way to that Howl Festival that is taking place today in Tompkins Square park. And then there was that cornfield dance that was taking place today at the 6th Street and Avenue B Community Garden today also, whose event is in those photos above that I attempted to take from my vantage point. And that event was a dance installation for The Sustainability Project, keep us in the green. Their dancers, artists and musicians were Ellen Cornfield, Hope Davis, Lindsay Fisher, Jonathan Fredrickson, Megan Krauszer, Ellie Kusner, Ryan Mason, Caitlin Scranton, Emily Stone, Welf, Brahim Fribgane and Andreas Brade. And the Sustainability project is a series of performances by cornfield dance to be presented in a variety of alternative spaces throughout New York City. And if you have ideas for places to perform in the city. let them know. And as their name my imply, go green, it’s the new thing. Help save planet mother earth. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.
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