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Windows Vista

And if you have ever heard of a computer, or even used one of those computers in these days and times, you may have heard of Windows Vista. And it seems as if that ever since those modern day home and office use personal computers have been invented, that every other computer uses one of those Microsoft Windows programs to operate. And are there any computers that do not use this Windows program? And as far as I can remember during my computer using days, there has always been different versions of Windows and their newsest operating system for those computers. And I can remember there has been Windows Millennium, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and now in the year 2008, Windows Vista, Microsoft’s newest operating system. And those Windows operating systems are usually all the rage when they come out, as those televisions, newspapers and other media outlets seem to show people going to the store to buy Microsoft’s latest version of their software and Windows operating system. And this Windows Vista seems to have all the latest features and looks of those Windows operating systems that I am used to using on those computers and more. And I find that Windows Vista operating system easy to use, with its colors and simple point and click instructions that does not require me to be a rocket scientist to figure out. And what would the world of invention of computers and the internet be like today without the world of Microsoft.
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