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A Squatting Forum

And maybe it could be possible to free the world and squat the land. I know because when I just signed into my MySpace there was one of those inbox messages with a title that read “Tomorrow, 8/7: Squatting Forum @ 123”. And I gather by that title, that there is a forum and discussion about Squatting, an ideal that’s been long gone, lost and forgotten as the last remaining Squats of New York’s Lower East Side, that is now called the East Village for real estate marketing purposes have been bought off or sold off. And it is an era on gentrification and genocide, so much that even the yuppies, or young urban professionals can no longer afford the rent without ten roomates or twenty full time jobs. And that internet bible dictionary Wikipedia seems to have an entry for this alternative type of housing. And whose idea is it that the land is for sale anyway. And New York seems to be an ever changing era and landscape in its real estate. And the text of that event invite read:

“Join for a forum on squatting and reappropriation of the conditions of homelessness. The dispossessed are denied their rights to food and shelter by a system that recycles suffering and servitude. It is time to take advantage of the conditions of neglect by resettling abandoned buildings to forge the consensual space of extra-political collectives. The talk will be about squatting, and the formation of networked collectives to engage in the nuts and bolds of every-day class struggle. The spaces of every-day life need to be revolutionized for autonomy, self-determination, and freedom! Admission and Food Free.
Sponsored by and 123 Community Space

And the squatters are, were your neighbors. Long Live The Lower East Side. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?
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