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Hey Bloggers, Zebulon is having a lot of concerts and performances. I know because this pink flyer on this table says so. And it is a pink flyer with their monthly July schedule with artists and musicians like Pogo in Togo, Noveller, Willy Wierd and Sister Resistor, Andy Friedman and The Other Failures, The Defibulators,Kaoru Watanabe, Tatsuya Nakatani,Kakande ,Famoro Dioubate and Friends, Guinee brooklyn, Kaneng Lolang Zozo Afro Beat,Moisturizer, Burnt Sugar,Lucibel Crater, twi the humble feather plus Benjamin wetherill,Ryan Sawyer,Susan Alcorn, Patrick Holmes,Sharon Van Etten plus Boutros Effendi, Drew Victor, Rock Banned, Nick Panken, and the Tougarake,The Waaw Band, the Dutch East India Company, Mamma Macabre, Die Haifische,Taylor Ho Bynum, Abraham Gomez Delgado project, Michael Attias, Megachurch, Melanie Moser and the eleventh hour band, Stagger Back Brass Band, Accordion Death Squad,Ivana XL , Airwaves , Luke Temple , Lizzy Grant, Cleve Pozar, Cooper Moore, Darius Jones, The SuperPowers brooklyn, Effi Briest,Marques Tolliver and the Sometimes, Anna K Jarosz,Paraguaylofi,Moonengineer,Glasser plus Shock Cinema,Baye Kouyate , Eli, Samba and Friends presents Mighty AfroAmerico Percussion,Meta and the Cornerstones,Unicornicopia Natalie Weiss plus Skeleton,Taylor Ho Bynum, Abraham Gomez, project in sounds,Polka Madre, Nicky,Jess, Tyler , Jordi and friends, DJ Jaiko Suzuki, Dub Is A Weapon,Casperous Vine,Spanish Prisoners, miles benjamin anthony robinson, Rasp Thorne Presents, Stuart Bogie and Friends, Super Human Happiness, Clinton Van Gemert,Container plus Sonido Chongo Bicycleta, Paris Suit Yourself Holly Miranda and more in Brooklyn.
And how exactly this pink flyer wound up on my friends table, I am not exactly sure as maybe they went to that club and bar at some point and got it there, as I have also found myself there every once in a blue moon as one of those New York City dwellers looking for entertainment nightlife, jazz and other music. And Kenny and that group “The Himalayas” played there at some point in time also, with their orchestra and horns that’s a great marching sound indeed. And so I found myself visiting Zebulon’s MySpace page that is listed on this flyer also, and that page rocks. And if you are not exactly who, what or where a Zebulon is, at least the name sounds interesting, almost like that other really cool club Nublu in the East Village of New York. And what’s a Zebulon anyway, does that word mean or translate into something else in another language. And does that internet bible dictionary Wikipedia have an entry for that. And Zebulon is this really cool happening place in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn and they are all music all the time. Have a great music day.
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