This Pot

Hey Bloggers, now this is one of those International Oddities posts that I do not find myself blah blogging about every so often. And I could have posted one of those really big marijuana leaf photos in this posting to help explain this post, but that photo is not there. And if you happen to smoke pot and like it a lot, Legal Bud at International Oddities is actually a world leader in selling legal bud. Now that sounds really, really, really, really interesting. You can save up to 75% when you buy legal buds at their website and 25 years of legal bud makes their products the best. And at their prices they just smoke the competition away. And that phone number that they advertise on their website 1-800-730-i-get-bud is actually sort of funny to me to read. And does this mean that I could actually call this number and get some legal pot without having to go outside and hide in dark corners to find. And their website is so covered with photos of really big huge buds such as Stinkbud, Skyscraper, Panama Gold, Bahli Bubble Bud, Hawaiian Bud, Combinations of all sorts of buds and more, that I experience an herbal experience just looking at their website, or do I? At Legal Buds International Oddities, you can find that herbal experience that you could be looking for and their website is all high times all the time.

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