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And I came across one of those Awake magazines the other day, that are the same as those Watchtower magazines, those little newspapers that I usually see Jehovah Witnesses selling everywhere on street corners and in the subways throughout my travel in that city of New York. And this one was left sitting on a subway train car, as I usually see them strewn everywhere on the streets. And the photos on the covers of their magazines are always interesting. And the photo on the cover of this edition was titled “Should You Fear The Future? And Awake and Watchtower are one of those Jehovah Witness religious publications that I would assume most everyone may have heard of at some point, maybe. And the beginning of the text and passage on page one of this edition read something like:

Why Many Despair. Around the world, disturbing trends are causing fear of the future. In a growing number of cities, surveillance cameras monitor citizens. Because of fear of terrorists, many busy airports have almost become military camps. Prowling the Internet in growing numbers, thieves and pedophiles prey on unsuspecting victims. On the environmental front, pollution, deforestation, extinction, and global warming threaten future life on our planet.

Unthinkable two or three generations ago, these concerns are global today. For good reason many people wonder what is happening to the world and what kind of life awaits them and their children. Is the time coming when people will be too afraid to board a bus, a train or a plane? With prices rising and earth’s resources being taxed more and more, will future generations be able to afford good medical care, quality food, and sufficient fuel?

“The future looks very very scary” said a Canadian health minister in regard to rising health costs…….Hence In order to reduce their dependency on fossil fuel, some countries are investing heavily in biofuel, such as ethanol, which is derived from vegetation. Hence, for the first time in history, the human stomach is competing with the automotive gas tank for the produce of available land. The resulting inflation in food prices is already being felt.

Meanwhile, the disparity between the rich and the poor is growing, adding to social tensions….”life expectancies have collapsed n some of the poorest countries to half the level of the richest”…..Thrown into the mix the specter of global warming…and it comes as no surprise that many informed people are jittery about tomorrow. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, which sets the so called Doomsday Clock, expressed fears of a bleak future “as scientists continue to observe cascading
effects of global warming on Earth’s complex systems.”

And this passage goes on and on. And these Watchtower and Awake publications go on and on with their titles and cover photos on their magazines that gets me to wondering and realizing about life true meaning, religion and the world. And I think that yoga guy in the photoo above may have something to do with Jehovah. He is Spiritual God and he depicts the progression of humanity. 12.21.2012. A-L=12, O-Z=12.. ALOZ, 0LOZ, 0102, . allah. yahwah. Jehova. JHVH. YHVH. YHWH. Yoga. Part of the trinity.
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