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Earth Day

Hey Bloggers, is tomorrow Earth Day in the world, or just North America? I received another one of those Todd Eaton emails weekly calendar protests schedules today that seem to be all protest all the time, and it had the following event listed:


Apologies for the short notice but we just found out that ExxonMobil is sponsoring tomorrow’s Go Green Earth Day Festival in McCarren Park. ExxonMobil is also responsible for the largest oil spill in America’s history, larger than the Exxon Valdez, just meters away from where the festival will be taking place!

Other festival sponsors include BP America, Waste Management, and Forest City Ratner Company (responsible for the Atlantic Yards project). These companies are no friend to our community, and no friend to the environment.

Please join the Greenpoint SuperFUNd SuperFriendz in taking immediate action.

Join us at McCarren Park for a protest rally. We’re calling on you to help reclaim Earth Day from the greenwashers and reclaim the oil from McCarren Park!

Reclaim the Oil!
Saturday, April 19, 11:00 am
Meet at Driggs and N. 12th St.
L to Bedford Av

There’s oil a plenty underfoot and we oil men will be on hand with rig, drills, and buckets to reclaim our oil and our earth (day).

Dear Exxon, We Drink Your Milkshake!

About Greenwashing:

The term is generally used when significantly more money or time has been spent advertising being green (that is, operating with consideration for the environment), rather than spending resources on environmentally sound practices. This is often portrayed by changing the name or label of a product, to give the feeling of nature, for example putting an image of a forest on a bottle of harmful chemicals. Environmentalists often use greenwashing to describe the actions of energy companies, which are traditionally the largest polluters.

About the Greenpoint Exxon Mobil Oil Spill:

Between 17 and 30 million gallons of oil lie beneath North Brooklyn.

And again, today on this day there was an earth quake in middle midwest america. And that reminds me of an article I read a few weeks ago about scientists hearing noise in the ocean, like earthquakes that have never been heard before or something….. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?
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3 thoughts on “Earth Day

  1. Hi, I want to donate a 100 gallons of my product (SpillRemed) for earth day to be used on the one of the spills (the one that Luis de Funes mentions in his blog for example would only need about 2 gallons of SpillRemed) to residents of Greenpoint. The reason I am approaching you and other bloggers is to see if you might be interested in some spots that can be treated to start the movement on the Earth day. For that matter, any day can be considered Earth day as far as we are concerned. One of the things that concern me is that ExxonMobil will pay to seal the area as Unocal finally caved into, at Avila beach which had a much smaller scale compared to the Greenpoint spill, about 400,000 gallons. Although the company paid for its deeds, the citizens had to be relocated and the final solution was far from ideal. I believe that oil pollution should not take more than 4 – 5 weeks to address completely and I challenge conventional wisdom about the time taken to clean up an oil spill and restore the environment. Please email back to me if this interests you.

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