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Why Is It

“A man wakes up after sleeping under an advertised blanker on an advertised mattress and pulls off advertised pajamas, bathes in an advertised shower, shaves with an advertised razor, brushes his teeth with advertised tooothpaste, washes with advertised soap, puts on advertised clothes, drinks a cup of advertised coffee, drives to work in an advertised car and then…refuses to advertise, believing it doesn’t pay. Later if business is poor,he advertises it for sale. Why Is It?”
Those are the above words I found written in church parish bulletin for their Easter service that I came across yesterday. Please Patronize Our Advertisers. And this advertisement was found right along with a bunch of other Christ Is Risen religious sayings, quotes and advertisements for supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, funeral homes, chapels, New York Single online dating ads, beauty salons, realtors and the like, that they had in their parish bulletin for their schedule of masses. And I thought about that Why Is It advertisement because hey, I am always looking for advertisement for this blog in an attempt to blah blog my way to riches. And why is it? And I think today is still Easter, Easter Monday in the fifty days of Easter, or is it forty. Have a great continuing Easter holiday.

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