Newton Creek

Somehow I wound up talking about that Newton Creek oil spill in Greenpoint from decades or centuries ago with a few friends the other day. And this conversation drifted from Buffalo, New York from where the subject of Chernobyl came up, to somehow Newton Creek and Greenpoint. And I guess the two can be related somehow, big accidents and disasters from oil spills and nuclear reactors from former industrial towns that leaves its inhabitants cancer prone from its fallout and effects years later. And I could actually see the oil seeping into the water of this creek when I rode a bike there with a friend sometime ago. The Newton Creek area seems to be a wasteland type of an area in the midst of an empire state of New York City as its backdrop. And I am always hearing and reading stories about this place in the local newspapers. And I can even smell its heavy stench in the air from far away in the next neighborhood over from Greenpoint of what seems like raw sewage when I take the L train to Bedford Avenue and stand on the corner of Bedford and North 7th Street in Williamsburg, across the street from the neighborhood Salvation Army and the now trendy and indie rock hipster main drag capital of the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn that exists in the midst of an Empire State of New York as its backdrop. And it makes me want to walk around wearing a gas mask for the smell sometimes. And then my other friend says something about this oil spill was the biggest oil spill ever, and that this oil spill was bigger than the Exxon oil spill years ago or something like that, though I am not sure if this is correct, and that the cancer rate is higher amongst the population of people that live in Greenpoint. And another friend comments about how she has been watching a bunch of different documentaries about this very same topic, as she lives in that very same neighborhood. And In case you may be interested in watching some of these documentaries, here is one about Brooklyn that is called Toxic Brooklyn. Help save planet mother earth. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.
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