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A Ride Back In Time

Wow! Now that’s cool. Awesome. As I was going my way today, I thought I was seeing things as I was standing on the F and V subway train lines today. Some V train that looked like it was from Back To The Future pulled into the station. But it wasn’t from Back To the Future. It was some vintage train from the 1930’s that the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority is running every Sunday this month on the V line. Is this train here for the holidays? It almost seemed surreal boarding the subway train as I had to ask the subway conductor if this train was going my way, and sure enough it was. And the conductors were handing out New York Transit Museum Calendars, and people were walking all over and through the train cars taking photographs everywhere. It was a tourist attraction ride back in time and a subway history lesson indeed to find about the history of the six train cars; that every train car was from a different year or decade. And the train conductor and signs posted throughout all other cars said something about “The r1 series car in 1930” that ran up until the 1970’s and that the MTA in now on the r142 series or something like that. Everyone on the trained almost seemed out of place with the vintage backdrop and the party like atmosphere on the travelling museum. I almost wanted to stay on the train and ride it back and forth all day, but instead I kept going my way. What a great ride back in time.
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