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And as I blah blog along in the blogosphere today despite that Google page rank update the other day that sent me to looking for a fourth day job, I find my self blah blogging about Rolando’s Trash Worship event that isn’t for another month according to the email he sent. And what does Trash Worship mean anyway, to worship trash? And I also find myself posting more and more events these days because hey, it’s less writing sometimes when I run out of things to blah blog about. And Rolando has been the Recycle and Pray, Trash Worship guy for as long as I can remember. He has some really cool artwork of recycled soda cans all over La Plaza Cultural Community Garden in the Lower East Side which is now called the East Village for real estate marketing purposes maybe. And from what I know, Rolando wants to save the world from trash, I think. The following is the email he sent for his event. Have a great art and recycle day.

Good News,

The first monthly meeting of TRASH WORSHIP SOCIETY is set for the first sunday of december. December 2nd. Save this date. An update will follow time and place and directions details.

With the coming of 2008, we plan to meet on the first sunday of every month.

Trash Worship was spawned in the year 2000. The approach to waste is spirited with the aim to elevate trash and trash pickers to a position of respect in society.

Matter, in this case WASTED MATTER becomes one with the human spirit allowing us to be redeemed as a wholesome unit again.

In the first gathering of september 2000, ANUKI, the protector of all insects revealed the third mystery, “TOKAGE” (STORAGE), to the attending Yanbukis.

A mythology about Trash has evolved in the past 7 years. A family of spirits, good vs. evil, angels vs. devils, much like established worships.

We have a PRAYER BOOK in continuos evolution with new TRASH SPIRITS and we have performed services, processions, ceremonies….e.g., THE MISSA PLASTIKON, TAERENWARE, THREE TRASH TREES HOLY DAY, etc…

For more on Trash Worship you can visit Trash Worship

This is a low tech non commercial site. It is based on Open Source and Copy Left Since in Trash we Trust and Waste is openly available to all of society

waste zero seven aka rolando

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