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Blog Action Day

According to the website Blog Action Day, yesterday October 15th was Blog Action Day, so this posting can be a bit late in honor of that day. And I noticed postings everywhere yesterday and today in the blogosphere in honor of Blog Action Day. There were postings on Blogger, MyBlogLog and a host of other places. And I noticed the postings though it did not register to me what they were about until today, a day later. Blog Action day is a website that asks bloggers to write about something pertaining to saving the environment and saving the world. They are asking people to observe this day in their blog posts everywhere. They are asking bloggers everywhere to post about the environment in some sort of way relating to the environment for the environment. So in my post I can only mention what has been mentioned a thousand and a million times in recent years with the invention of population to where the earth is on fire and choking from its inhabitants. Planet mother earth is dying. And that J curve bell curve thing says the population of the world will double in twenty years. And there are those terms that I read everywhere these days to save the environment; Go green, green is the thing, sustainability and sustaining the earth from what? Over consumption, over consumerism, over pollution, overoilism, over capitalism, overeverything, Babylon on fire and green alternative energy; lights out america is a great website that addresses this issue. And what about oil? Petroleum oil seems to be destroying the world and planet mother earth. What about other alternative sources of energy, windmills, ocean energy, corn fuel and the like. And what about those unusual weather patterns the earth has been undergoing as a result of global warming? Is the world becoming like the film The Day After Tomorrow? This winter was the warmest worldwide since record keeping began in 1880. And what about over mining and violating the earths natural resources and deforesting the planets natural trees. The earth is being pillaged and plundered. How can the environment be protected. And now climate change, global warming and the greenhouse effect is the topic of the day every day these days in the news. The polar bears are floating on ice and the Antarctica ice caps are disappearing. And what abut that 12.21.2012 Mayan calendar theory, is this all related? This has something do with the earth reversing its axis and solar poles and a transformation of the world in 2012 or something, I think. A poem and a sentence of a song comes to mind when I think of planet earth.

The Earth is out mother, the ground we walk is sacred
People unite, all people unite


The river she is flowing, flowing and growing
The river she is flowing, down to the sea
Father carry me, your child I’ll always be
Mother carry me, down to the sea

Help save planet mother earth. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.

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3 thoughts on “Blog Action Day

  1. I’d kinda like to see World Peace*but i ain’t holding my breath*;))I did a Blog post last night on Burma*I see today Bush announced more sanctions against the Military Junta there but I was saying to this guy on Flickr who’s Burma pix i posted that Sanctions tend to hurt the poor innocent civilians most? I’m not sure what leverage works anymore against any o these TinPot Dictators + ruthless Generals*Peace*

  2. Thank you for participating in Blog Action Day.I did not participate. However, I wrote a belated post about a topic that may have a direct impact on the global warming issue:BRAZILIAN TEAK FLOORS IN LUXURY HOMES, SLAVE LABOR, AND DESTRUCTION OF THE RAIN FOREST.You can find it at: share this with your readers. Usually I do not ask for this kind of help, but the topic is that important to me. Anything you can do to promote this link or awareness of this issue would be deeply appreciated.Thank you.

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