Fashion Weak

If you are weak for fashion than this may be the time of year for you. Fashion week must be coming up sometime soon because all of the newspapers are starting to show those familiar photos of models walking down the runways wearing clothes that say what the latest styles and trends for the upcoming fall, summer, spring, winter or any other season of the day or year it is will be. And what is there to say about fashion except go out and buy more clothes if you want to be stylish and trendy in New York because I am not sure if someone in nowhere ville, no town is as fashion conscious as New Yorkers can be. I myself can only afford to keep up with the latest trends that are to be found by shopping at the local thrift store and wearing a sheet or a potato sack is good enough for me as a fashion statement. If only every day were Halloween in this town because then I could wear anything and it wouldn’t matter because it’s Halloween, a day to be free to be whoever one wants to invent oneself as. Happy fashion weak.

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