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On the way to Spain

My friends, The Himalayas, this really cool marching band here in New York City, will be on their way to Barcelona, Spain in a couple of weeks as part of their short music tour over there in Europe. And from what I hear, they are winging it, without a hotel as of yet. If I would have thought beforehand, I may have suggested that if they are looking for Hotels in Barcelona, they can try Cheaper than Hotels. Cheaperthanhotels website offers Hotels in Madrid and Hotels en Barcelona. Cheaperthanhotels offers last minute accommodations at hotels, hostels and apartments year round with free extras and lowest rates guaranteed. With the great travel deals that are to be found on their website, maybe it’s not too late to tell my friends, the Himalayas now before they travel there. Cheaperthanhotels can help make their destination to Spain cheaper, enjoyable and a great postcard from Spain. Bon Voyage.
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One thought on “On the way to Spain

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