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Sex Rehab?

No sex ads in the paper anymore for the New York Press? Wow, now that’s news. That’s an article I read in their paper this week. For they have repented, for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. In reality, The New York Press’s article says that their paper has a new owner, Manhattan Media, which bought the New York Press last week. Manhattan Media says sex sells, but not in the New York Press, as sex ads drive away mainstream advertisers. As of this week, the New York Press is no longer accepting explicit advertising with photos. So how is everyone going to call the back pages of the Village Voice for sex now? Oh, I forgot, half of the Village Voice back pages are still sex ads and pharmaceutical ads. And how is everyone going to locate that escort, prostitute, massage parlor, xxx theater and sex shop now that has already been exiled from 42nd street Disneyland to the back pages of the local newspapers? Long Live Sex in the New York Press.

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One thought on “Sex Rehab?

  1. well said!! i always thought it was completely Hypocritical that the Yellow Pages would run FULL PAGE Escort Ads!! Like who’s Kidding who – all these Jokers working at the Big Newspaper + Media Co.’s are the Biggest Sexual Perverts who Order In from their Corporate Paid Hotel Suites anyways!!! ;PPPYeah i’m Jealous!!!!

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