Lovolution Shows

Hey Bloggers, here is an email that I received for a music event. Lovolution will be doing some great music over at the Knitting Factory. If you are in the neighborhood, check it out.

Audio Gumbo Live NYC at The Knitting Factory
Sunday August 5th,

7:15pm sharp:

Screening of ultra-rare 1968 film ‘Spaceways’ by Ed English featuring extensive footage of Sun Ra house at 48 east 3rd Street, NYC, plus Arkestra appearance at Carnegie Hall

Also showing: TV concert from Berlin, 1970 – outrageously psychedelic

It has been nearly 15 years since the Sun Day that carried Sun Ra to yet another world, and the waves of effect from the infinitively creative mind of Sun Ra have entered into every genre of music as we, today, are experiencing. Especially we see his more immediate influence in the musics of artists as engraving as John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, George Clinton, Laurie Anderson, Fela Kuti and Pink Floyd. Countless rock groups and creative improvisational ambient artists have followed Sun Ra’s leads into musical revelations. Sun Ra re-set the peripherals of music’s seeming limitations with mesmerizing illuminations. And like the velocity of time travel, Sun Ra’s music becomes with every moment more magnificently vital.

On Sunday, August 5th in the Old Office at the Knitting Factory, the Sun Ra Impossible Space Circus will once again perform from original charts original adaptations and interpretations of Sun Ra’s music.

Being the 3rd presentation of the Space Circus, in the past having included Sun Ra Arkestra alumni Juini Booth, Vincent Chancey, Terry Adkins and On Ka’a Davis, this promises to be yet another resplendent concert.

Visiting from Milwaukee will be Daniel Zelonky, one of today’s foremost musician archivist of Sun Ra’s music. He will be bringing along with him some groundbreaking original charts of lesser known Sun Ra gems. Also joining from the midwest will be Sean Behling and Kelly Rossum, teaming up with the NYC home team and some of the Sun Ra Arkestra contingent. Zelonky’s selections will make for a historic presentation never heard ever in the world!

On August 5th Appearing live and in person will be the Sun Ra Impossible Space Circus with these artists:

Danny Zelonky,Danny Zelonky,Aaron Whitby,Sean Behling,Fred Ho,Avram Fefer,Paul Meurens,Jun Miyake,Cecil Brooks III (Sun Ra Arkestra),Dave Davis (Sun Ra Arkestra,Kelly Rossum, Dikko Faust,On Ka’a Davis (former Sun Ra Arkestra),Juini Booth (Sun Ra Arkestra),Welf Dorr,Dave Treut,Monika Heidemann,Dixie Estes,Latasha Diggs,
Abraham Gomez-Delgado.

– Plus –
Space Circus Visual Presentation by Green Dragon

Not only that:

Sunday, August 5th, Late Show in Knitting Factory’s Old Office:

Jojo Kuo Afrobeat Collective Jam at Midnight

Other hits at Knit:

August 19th, Jef Lee Johnson/ Marvin Sewell/ Ronnie Drayton
August 27th, Main Space: Sonny Sharrock / Alice Coltrane double birthday celebration
August 28th, Tap Bar: Monika Heidemann Band / Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber with Ramm El Zee.

Have a great music day.

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