Summer Music Festivals

The earth is on fire. Ten different states in America are on fire today due to the heatwave, the drought and wildfires, enough to make me think the beginning of the end is near and for some reason I am posting about Summer Music Festivals today. It’s summertime and summertime in New York City means lots of free outdoor music festivals. And June and July are not months to miss for fun and sun. There are calendar of events for River To River, Bryant Park , Celebrate Brooklyn, McCarren Park Pool and many other places for free outdoor music. If you happen to be in the neighborhood on July 22 at Central Park SummerStage, The Himalayas will be performing with Brazilian Girls, or is it Brazilian Girls will be performing with Himalayas conducted by Kenny Wollesen and Jonathon Haffner at 3pm. Cat Empire also performs. SummerStage is hipster heaven on this Sunday, when they feature two groove heavy groups and an avant-garde marching band. And if you have not heard yet, Brazilian Girls are this really cool band that has its origins at Nublu, this really cool club in the Lower East Side or East Village it is now called and The Himalayas are this really cool marching band that play at Nublu, Zebulon and other places and can play some serious marching band tunes to get you jumping. Both of these bands should have you jamming for the day. Be there or be square. Happy summer festivals.
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