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TV and the Radio

I have been internet addicted lately and could still use that anti internet get sleep soon routine. So much that I do not watch much television or listen to much radio. And my eyes are bleary in the process. And for recreation I have wondered about the times that I do find myself watching television or listening to the radio. Is TV and radio full of crap and garbage these days? I no longer need a gym membership to workout for I find myself flipping and turning the dial on these appliances non stop looking for decent, fluent, non commercial radio or decent non commercial television, or even decent television. It’s as if the song “57 channels and nothing on” is playing all the time. There seems to be more commercials on these devices than content itself. Sometimes I find public television or listener sponsored radio bearable. Does decent programming and entertainment exist anymore? Whatever decent could mean. I would think it does, somewhere. Maybe I am just getting older… Have a great day.

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