The Emperor’s New Clothes

So what’s that story about The Emperor Wears No Clothes? It came across my mind today as I am running out of topics to blog blah blah about. I could use a how to blog class or online tutorial for blogging. How do those millions of other bloggers out there in the blogosphere blog on a daily basis without running out of things to say and write about. So again, today’s topic and random thought of the day is what’s that story about the Emperor Wears No Clothes, and in my Google search I have just discovered that is a book about the conspiracy against marijuana and cannabis written by Jack Herer. What I meant to say is, so what’s that story about the Emperor’s New Clothes? Wikipedia says that is a Danish fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen. Wow! Hans Christian Andersen rocks! On my first impression of this story I always gather the image of a king riding down the street on a float in a parade procession wearing no clothes and all of the parade watchers are applauding and congratulating him. And I have always interpreted this as meaning the parade watchers, the people all see that he is wearing no clothes and say nothing. That the people could be brainwashed and programmed, are participating in groupthinc, are playing follow the leader, are not thinking for themselves, are succumbing to peer pressure and gossip, are kissing his rear behind, are lying and deceiving themselves and others, are blind and covering up the truth or are just plain unaware and naive. It almost sounds like it could be a George Orwell nineteen eighty four story from hell also. Does something exist because someone says it does? But the fairy tale is much more complicated and beautiful to read in its description of the emperor. What does this mean? What is the moral of this story? Does the Emperor represent the state, does his wearing no clothes represent freedom from oppression, the naked truth, or something else? And can this concept be applied to life? Will the Emperor ever put his clothes on? I must go read the story of the Emperor now. And what does this have to do with a No Police State? Have a great day.

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