Cabala, tree of life

The Tree of Life

Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Metal. Has anyone ever heard of or seen the Tree of Life? I somehow ran across a photo of it the other day in a book I was reading and wow is it a cool and complex drawing that can take years and then some for me to understand. I guess it’s Jewish mysticism and suppose to be about life’s paths in a spiritual sense. Well I am not exactly sure if it is a tree because it looks like some graph chart with triangles, squares and circles everywhere and some of those drawings of it are awesome with the colors. And there seems to be a pentacle in their also. It seems to be about the paths of consciousness that are associated with planets, colors, plants, symbols, tarot cards, birds and animals. Aleister Crowley seems to have figured it all out according to this book. Is it the ultimate be all to what life is suppose to be about? Is it magic? Is this the image the Cabalaists are worshipping who wear those red strings on their hands or is that another tradition? Is there wisdom to be found here? Does it hold the answer to the meaning of life? What does it all mean?

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One thought on “The Tree of Life

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are right, it is the levels of consciousness, beginning with Kether (maybe) at the bottom, the material plane in which we find ourselves, and ascending all the way up to the highest level of enlighteny goodness with all types of interesting beings and thoughtforms in between. Dec 21 2012 is the summer solstice as predicted by the Mayans, the end of the Long Count Calendar and hopefully the beginning of a new period of magical understanding. Seems to be a self fulfilling prophecy, re: housewives + yoga, growing interest in Buddhism among the youth, madonna learns Qabballah, etc. Keep it up!

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