The Police

Here is an interesting email I received today from Edward in my inbox at MySpace. I thought to repost it.

Edward TM ®: Revolt!Ideas For Change!
Join in the and stop the Police State America has fallen victim to,by the Fraternal Order Of Police, Corrupt Politicians,Judges and the Lawyers. Here Is how to make a lasting impact! when you see a Police Officer in any stores do not shop there! If you see the police in the mall or a theater do not go there! There are many alternatives to entertainment now days! Have a party with some friends. etc. there are also alternatives available for shopping. Shop online or frequent stores where there are no Police Patrols stationed! We must band together as a Nation and stop the Unconstitutional Government Imposition Into Our Lives!! We Do Have The Power To Change It.
Write letters to Corporations! Tell them we will not shop where a Police State is being supported through utilization of armed Police Officers! Only You can change the enviroment in this country!! Dont let our streets be poluted with Tyranny!!
In closing…I will post letters all you have to do is print them and sign and mail them Its so easy to make a diference!!
Wether you are at Mardigra or Wallmart!
See a cop Turn away!! send a message! Do something else… Go somewhere else!!
Save your money!!! Send a letter!
Thank you!
Support Freedom!!
Edward – This section is for taking over the world!

And what does this have to do with a No Police State? Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

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