Computer World

It’s late at night or early in the morning and computers are driving me up the wall again. I’ve been consumed with a tech frenzy again the past few days, and I am dazed, so much this time that I almost forgot that I do blogging, and why do I blog again? I forgot, oh yeah, it is because I have nothing else to do at the moment. Again I could use IAA (Internet Addicted Anonymous) cause why else would I be in a computer frenzy if it were not for the multiple websites that I visit daily. And I could still use that get sleep soon routine I have been looking for. This time it is trying to find a computer for cheap because as I mentioned earlier, the computer that I use now is so slow that you can click on a website, go to the kitchen, make dinner and come back to the computer and the page will still be loading. And I did find a computer for cheap on Craigs List, so cheap that it is useless for my purpose in computing and I plan to put it back up for sale on Craigs List. And what’s a Wi Fi wireless connection? How far back in the stone ages am I? Is that where everyone sits in a cafe coffee shop with laptops one uses to surf the Internet away from home? I long to keep up with the Jones’s. Sometimes the super highway passes me by.

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